Pre Build Steel Structure Design Chicken Farm Houses

1.Standard width for the chicken farm houses is is 12m-16m.
2.Standard length for the chicken farm houses is less than 150m.
3.Standard height for the broiler chicken farm houses is 2.5m to 4.5m.
4.There are closed type chicken farm house and open type chicken farm houses. We also could make as per your design.
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                    Pre build Steel Structure Design Chicken Farm Houses

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Broiler Chicken Farm Houses Design and Type

Because of different countries have distinct climate, market and habits requrements. Generally the width of broiler chicken house is 12m-16m, length is less than 150m, height is 2.1m-3m ( for free range) or 2.5m-4.5m( in A type cage or H type)

Our steel structure design poultry farm can be built with different construction methods, close type ( sandwich panel for wall and roof, also you can choose the ceiling type) and open type( sandwich panel or steel sheet&aluminum bubble foil for roof, no wall or wire mesh&curtian for wall).

Also you can give us your thoughts, we will help you to realize it. 

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Broiler Chicken Farm Houses Usage

Industrial chicken house often used in chicken poultry sheds, broiler and layer housing.

Also we can instruduce our partner (the equipment supplier) to you ( cage system and flooring system, then we work together to provide more workable project for you.

Broiler Chicken Farm Houses Main Material

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(1) Main Structure
Usually it is H column and beam for broiler chicken farm houses, it is safe. About the hot-dip galvanized steel column, it can widely improve anti-corrosion of the steel. (The construction cycle of the steel structure work is short, which reduces the cost of the project effectively. The steel structure has strong shock resistance and can improve the comprehensive anti-seismic property of the whole house).

(2) Substructure(Cold-formed thin-walled steel)
Roof purlin for broiler chicken farm houses uses the hot-dip galvanized Z or C section. The way to continuous lap makes the steel frame as whole. Roof purlin uses the hot-dip galvanized C section steel. All components adopt bolted connection, no welding, which makes the structure overall appearance smooth.
(3) Protecting system
In order to satisfy the protecting material for 20 years, the outside roof is 0.5 mm aluminum zinc color steel plate. To prevent dewing phenomenon, 50 mm aluminum foil glass wool is laid at the bottom of the roof plate (can be customized according to the climatic conditions). To prevent sagging of the fiber wool, the wire mesh is added, which effectively improve the utilization rate of the glass wool insulation and moisture proof. To add ceiling panels below steel beam and the ceiling panels laid horizontally is composite color plate, which not only improves the overall stability of steel beam, but also plays a very good thermal insulation effect. The inside and outside walls laid horizontally is hot-dip galvanized color steel plate, which are all used self-tapping screw to connect into a whole, effectively increasing the lateral stability of steel columns. The indoor humidity is relatively large, so a layer of plastic film is added in order to prevent moisture from entering the fiber glass wool.

Broiler Chicken Farm Houses Oversea Projects

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chicken farm house 1

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chicken farm house 2 


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Any query for the broiler chicken farm houses, please don't hesitate to contact the above details.

SGS, BV and other testing before the loading will be welcome.

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