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Our Product

Compared to the traditional construction methods and materials, the steel structures used more widely, for the prefabricated poultry house,it’s can use the light steel structures for the main framework ,the wall / roof is made with corrugated steel sheet or colored sandwich panel. Also the controlled poultry house is equipped with the main feeding system, chain feeding system, nipple drinking system, ventilation system, environmental control system, and spraying system.

And for a long term experience in poultry house design,usually for the poultry house height about 3m, the eaves height about 2.1m, the length/ width according to customer’s requirements,for this spec many clients think it’s very reasonable,more convenient for ventilation and heat insulation. So the prefab poultry house can be built with different types and sizes according to customer’s needs. For example:

1.close type: steel sheet (with insulation material)or sandwich panel for wall and roof. type:sandwich panel or steel sheet(with insulation material) for roof, no wall or wire mesh&curtian for wall.

3.size: the poultry house height between 2.5m-3.5m (at eaves). width of 12-15m. Length is better no larger than 150m.

Also you can give us your thoughts, we can help you to design it.

Main Material

Column and Beam
Q345B or Q235BH section steel(painted or galvanized)
Wall&Roof Purlin
C or Z section steel size from C120-C320,Z100-Z200(galvanized)
Wall&roof Panel
colorful corrugated steel sheet or sandwich panel(eps,rockwool,fiber,pu,etc.)
steel angle,steel pipe,steel round bar
Doorsliding sandwich panel door and metal door
pvc or alumnium alloy window

anchor bolt,high strengthen bolt,normal bolt,skylight bolt,ventilators,gutter,

down pipe,etc.

Production Process



Installation plan A: We have the detailed installation drawings for you,you can hire a construction team and according to drawings to install.

Installation plan B: If you need engineer,We can send one engineer to help and guide your workers how to install the buildings.

Installation plan C: If you have needs in construction team,we can send engineer & construction team to help you.


Our Company

Qingdao Showhoo Steel Structure Co., a coomprehensive company with large scale, specializing in steel structure designing, production and installation.

Our prefabricated house,warehouse,workshop,garage,poultry feeding building,container house,light steel villa,modular house,various sandwich panels and corrugated steel sheet,which are commonly used in the industrial and civil construction,transporation,municipal construction,commerical and residential house and other makeshift building.



What's your main products?

Our main product : the steel structures used very widely, so it can be used as <<warehouse, workshop,poultry house, garage, prefab house, shed, barn, horse stable >> etc.

What are main materials of the prefabricated steel structure buildings?

The  materials mainly include light steel column, beams, purlin, sandwich panel or steel sheet,  door, window, covers, screws and other accessories etc.

What’s your delivery time? 

Normally, delivery time is 25-30 days after receive deposit. Large order delivery time should be arranged separately.

Where have you been exported ?

Up to now, We have exported to South Korea, Malaysia, Kampuchea, Kuwait, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Nepal, Ghana, Benin, Mauritius, Qatar etc, with good quality and best price ,good after-sale service to win customers trust.

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Iron and steel industry is the material basis for the development of steel industry, the steel industry's technological progress for the application of steel structure to create favorable conditions. Some large enterprises in the domestic steel industry have already started the research and development of steel varieties and technologies for building structures. They have developed high strength steel and refractory, weather resistant, resistant to seawater, anti-layer torn, low temperature resistant steel, and H Performance Caitu steel, cold-formed steel, etc., for the development of steel industry has laid a good application base.

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