Upstream And Downstream Impact On The Industry

The upstream steel structure is mainly the steel industry, steel product price fluctuations directly affect the procurement costs of the industry. On the whole, the upstream industry is basically a competitive industry, the production of steel for the various types of steel, steel, steel and other steel, which H-beam and plate is the most commonly used steel construction products. Industry insight research data 2011 crude steel production reached 696 million tons, the output is relatively saturated, steel production of raw materials needed to obtain a stable supply.

Downstream industry on the development of steel industry has a greater traction and driving role, their demand changes directly determine the future development of the industry. Steel structure with its high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, high degree of industrialization, short construction period, plasticity, energy saving and environmental protection and other comprehensive advantages in industrial plants, municipal infrastructure construction, cultural and educational construction, electricity, bridges, offshore oil Engineering, aerospace and other industries have been widely used, the market gradually expand the space. In addition, once the residential steel market to achieve a breakthrough, and gradually replace the traditional architectural form into the field of residential construction, steel industry will lead to explosive growth.