Steel Structure Definition

Steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, the overall stiffness is good, deformation ability, it is used to build large span and high, super heavy building is particularly suitable; material homogeneity and isotropic, is the ideal elastomer , The most suitable for general engineering mechanics of the basic assumptions; material plasticity, toughness, and may have a greater deformation, can withstand the dynamic load; construction period is short; its high degree of industrialization, can be highly specialized mechanized production.

Steel structure should be studied high strength steel, greatly improve its yield point strength; in addition to rolling new varieties of steel, such as H-shaped steel (also known as wide flange steel) and T-shaped steel and steel plate to adapt to large span structure and Super high-rise building needs.

In addition, there is no thermal bridge light steel structure system, the building itself is not energy-saving, the technology with clever special connection to solve the building's hot and cold bridge problem; small truss structure of the cable and the upper and lower water pipes from the wall through the construction Decoration is convenient.