Steel Structure Application

Roofing system

Is composed of roof trusses, structural OSB panels, waterproofing floors, light roof tiles (metal or asphalt shingles) and associated connections. Meyer architecture light steel structure of the roof, the appearance can have a variety of combinations. There are many kinds of materials. In the protection of the waterproof technology under the premise of the appearance of a lot of options.

Wall structure

Light steel structure of the residential wall mainly by the wall column, wall beam, wall beam, wall support, wall panels and connectors. Building light steel structure residential generally within the wall as the structure of the load-bearing walls, the wall is C-shaped light steel components, the wall thickness depends on the load, usually 0.84 ~ 2 mm, wall spacing is generally 400 ~ 600 mm, the construction of light steel structure residential structure of this wall structure, can effectively bear and reliable transmission of vertical load, and easy to arrange, but Maite construction of light steel structure residential wall structure can not withstand horizontal load.