Installation of steel structure before welding

The test steel includes Q345GJC-Z15 (wall thickness 70mm), Q345GJC-Z15 (wall thickness 40mm), Q345C (flange thickness 28mm), welding position for column-column horizontal welding, column-beam flat welding (including truss beam upper and lower flange Welding), T-shaped vertical welding. Groove form and size according to design requirements. After welding the appearance and ultrasonic inspection after passing the sampling of the mechanical and physical tests.

Test results The tensile strength of the joint reaches the standard value of the base metal tensile strength, and the joint is bent at 180 ° without cracks. The use of welding materials and welding equipment technical conditions should be consistent with national standards, excellent performance. Cleaning slag, gas plane, welding and other insulation devices should be fully effective.