Prefab Commercial Pig Farming Housing Structures Barns Plans Designs Steel Farm Sheds

pig farm Prefab commercial pig farming housing structures barns plans designs steel farm sheds Why choose prefab barns design pig farming? Prefab barns pig farming is natural and environmental steel structures shed where Pigs spawn and live. It is composed of whole galvanized steel structureand...
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Prefab commercial pig farming housing structures barns plans designs steel farm sheds

Why choose prefab barns design pig farming?

Prefab barns pig farming is natural and environmental steel structures shed where Pigs spawn and live. It is composed of whole galvanized steel structureand corrugated steel sheet roof and wall panel, which guarantee the anticorrosion and longer service life for the pig farm shed. Optimized structural design guarantee the safety and the low cost for the pig shed. Efficient insulation design and selection, which guarantee the thermal insulation properties and save the energy consumption for the pig shed. Reasonable steel structure node design guarantees the reliable connection and overall stability for the pig farming. The optimized design of hemming guarantees the double requirements for sealing and waterproofing.

Prefab barns design pig farming characteristic:

1. It is corrugated steel sheet for roof and wall for both sides, it has better anti-corrosion

2. Galvanized steel structure, the thickness for galvanized quantity could reach 275g.

3. According to the climate and client’s requirement, in order to keep better insulation, it is glass cotton or PU sandwich panel for the roof and wall. And for this material, it is easy to clean, and easy to keep clean for the pig farm, and it is benefit for the healthy growth and reproduction of pigs.

4. Single span could reach 25m

5. The pig farming shed is with ceiling design.

6. The service life could be 30 years to 50 years.

7. The roof pitch is 10 degree to 15 degree.

Prefab barns design pig farming type:

Prefab barns design pig farming includes boar house, pregnancy mother piggery, farrowing house, weaning house, growth, breeding and replacement gilt house.

1. Boar house, usually it is single-row and half-open, it is 15 degree to 20 degree for the pig farming, the wind speed is 0.2m/s, and there is corridor.

2. Pregnancy mother piggery, usually it is group breeding. Usually it 4~5 sows for each bar, and 2~4 pregnant sows for each bar. Usually it is single corridor and double row pig farming. And usually the pigsty is 7~9 square meters, the surface slope is less than 1/45, in order to avoid the pregnancy sows fall, the surface could not be so smooth.

3. Farrowing house, usually there is farrowing stall, including two rows or three rows. It is about 15 degree~20 degree inside the pig farming, wind speed is 0.2m/s.

4. Weaning house, usually it is 26 degree ~30 degree inside the pig shed, wind speed is 0.2m/s.

5. Growth, breeding and replacement gilt house, it is housed in social groups.

Product components

The main frame for the pig farm H type steel, C type purlin, sandwich panel for roof and wall panel, and finally connected by bolts. All steel structure for the pig farm is prefabricated in our factory, and install by bolts in site.

Material List:

Body of pig farm

Profile steel and angle steel

Pig farm Column and Beam

Optional: hot rolled or welded H section, I section; painting or galvanized

Ext Wall/ Partition wall

EPS sandwich panel/ Rock wool sandwich panel/glass cotton/ PU sandwich panel

Pig farm Roof

Color steel plates(0.15-0.8mm)

EPS sandwich roof panel (YX40-320-960)
Rock wool sandwich roof panel(YX40-320-960)

Door and Window

PVC or Aluminum alloy/ sliding door or rolled door

Connection way for pig farm

anchor bolt and high strength bolts


1. We are trading company or manufacturer?

We are manufacturer, we are professional supplier for designing, manufacturing, and processing the pig farm, warehouse, poultry shed, office, workshop, etc

2. How do we guarantee our quality?

We support your BV, SGS, or any testing before loading. Your visit to our factory will be highly appreciated any time.

3. How about the delivery time?

Usually it is 15 days to 45 days, it depends on your quantity of project. Because we are factory, we could control the delivery time.

4. How about the packing?

Nude packing, or we could pack according to client’s requirement.

5. How about the installation?

Detailed installation drawing will be sent to you after we finished the production. We also could send you a simple installation video. If you need, we could arrange the engineer to guide the installation. We also have worker team, if you need, we also could send worker team to help you.